Thoughts on Aurora

As a self-proclaimed geek, today’s news really hit home.

The nerdiest of the nerdy go to the midnight shows. I’ve gone to hundreds. There’s a sense of camaraderie that comes with standing in line with strangers in costumes for hours, all of you there for the same reason: the shared experience of awesome. Normally, I hate it when some asshole even chews loudly in a theatre… but at midnight showings of geek-related awesome, I am friends with every single person in that theater. Everyone of them are MY people.

The fact that some mentally fucked up douche fuck decided that that venue was the time and place to express his fucked up mind at the expense of others’ lives has me mad. Livid, even. Because this guy just shit in church.  This guy needed serious fucking help and, rather than seek it out, this guy had a bad day and decided to share it with every fanboy – every giddy and excited hopeful in that theater, of whom I call ‘brother’ – and ruined something beautiful.

And that is just un-fucking-acceptable.

Not one of those people today deserved what happened. Not. One. I don’t care if they were terrible people in their real lives.  At that moment, on this night, every one of them was a fucking saint.  Because they were geeks.  And I loved them for it.

I’m of the mind that, if you wanna go crazy? Go nuts!  Have a ball! Blow your brains out and dance the dead man shuffle. Go right ahead. Just leave the rest of us OUT OF IT!
Last I checked, the Golden Rule is: “Do Not Shit on Someone Else’s Shoes”.
(yeah yeah, “Do-Unto-Others” blah blah; my variation sounds better.)

This guy did something terrible. And he did it to us.

Hulk. Smash.

Thus endeth the rant.

-21 July 2012

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2 Responses to Thoughts on Aurora

  1. Good rant. Much needed too. =/

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